“Anybody can purchase leads but not everybody can close them”- Orlando Montiel

Lead generation is easy, fast and inexpensive, especially at Strike Realty where we provide you with the leads necessary to grow your business.  What takes longer and fine skills is lead conversion that is why we have Strike University to provide with the #1 sales training in South Florida, the training most Top Agents use in Miami.

There is not such a thing as an “exclusive lead” in real estate.  Not even your best friends are required to close with you, actually many go with the competition. What separates the top agents from the struggling ones is the ability to convert them.

SALES TRAINING We offer REAL ESTATE PERSONALIZED SALES “CONVERSION TRAINING” solving the second problem most real estate agents have.

We will teach you how to master each stage of the sales process:

The first step of the sales process, it will help you identify the right client, save time, money, effort and more importantly, frustration.

Do you know exactly the right questions to ask buyers and sellers to determine whether they are willingly ready and able to work with you?

The secret massive success in selling is in the follow-up process and system.

Do you have a follow up process and a system that allows you to position yourself as the expert of choice in your client’s mind?

At Strike Realty we will prepare you and provide you with a proven system to automatically follow up and position yourself above your competition.

During the presentation, a sale will always happen: You will sell the client the idea why they need to hire you or they will sell you the idea why they don’t need you. That is why mastering the presentation is so important for your business.

Can you affirmatively say that you know:

-what to say?
-how to say it?
-how long a presentation should be?
-What to bring to the presentation?

If the answer to any of these questions is “NO”, don’t worry at Strike Realty we will prepare you for the presentation and every step of the sales process.

Your ability to succeed and excel as a real estate professional will be in direct proportion to your ability to accept, handle and overcome the obstacles most agents call objections.  Our objective at Strike Realty is to prepare you to answer every single objection from your clients.

-Do you know how many objections can you get from your clients?  (HINT no more than ten)
-Can you list all of them?
-Do you know how to answer each of the objections?
-Do you struggle when you get a common objection like “Bring me a client and I’ll pay you the commission”, “My friend is a real estate agent”, “I don’t need a -real estate agent”, or “Why do you charge 6%”?

The bad news is that most agents don’t even know how many objections can arise during a presentation much less know how to answer them.

The good news is that we will not only tell you and teach you all of the objections but also help you master each and every one of them so you can increase your presentation to listing ratio and ultimately close more deals.

No matter how hard you work and how or how much money you invest in marketing, if you do not master the closing step during the sales process your business and ultimately your income will suffer. While closing sales comes more naturally to some, everybody will benefit from learning how to effectively use proven closing techniques.

At Strike Realty we will teach you the techniques that have proven to be most effective over time when working with buyers and sellers.