Real estate commission splits aren’t easy to analyze. There so are many models including:

-100% commission, flat fee or desk fee.
-Broker-Agent Split.
-Cap Model. After making $xx,000 amount of money you get 100%.

At Strike Realty we believe that every agent should know exactly what’s the most he or she will pay the brokerage company in a single year that is why we have implemented the Cap Model.

In the Cap Model we have set a number that each agent must reach before they go to 100 percent commission split. That number covers our costs and also includes a profit. A typical cap in many brokerage companies is between is $22,000 and $30,000.

However, we have realized that an excellent commission split is not enough for most agents. That is why we decided to compensate you not only for your efforts but also for the efforts of others. Here is how it works.

For your efforts (One of the most competitive Splits in the industry)

For other people’s efforts. Most agents only make money when they close a deal, at Strike Realty, we recognize the importance of generating other sources of income, especially in real estate where commissions can be inconsistent. We offer a very attractive profit-sharing program that allows you to get paid even while you sleep and vacation.